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Orlando, Eustis, Sebring, Okeechobee


George- Ultrasound technician

Services Offered

Arterial Duplex Study
Venous Mapping
Carotid Scan

What to Expect

You will report to the office where you normally see your doctor (unless otherwise specified).


During the Procedure – An ultrasound can be done in the doctor’s office or a hospital. After undressing, you’ll lie on an examination table or bed. The technician will attach sticky patches (electrodes) to your body to help detect and conduct the electrical currents of your heart (Echo) other test will not require this.

During the ultrasound, the technician will dim the lights to better view the image on the monitor. The technician will apply a special gel to the area that is being imaged that improves the conduction of sound waves and eliminates air between your skin and the transducer — a small, plastic device that sends out sound waves and receives those that bounce back.
The technician will move the transducer back and forth over the area. The sound waves create images of which are recorded for your doctor to review. You may hear a pulsing “whoosh,” which the ultrasound is recording the blood flowing.

Most ultrasounds take about an hour, but the timing may vary depending on your condition. During a transthoracic echocardiogram, you may be asked to breathe in a certain way or to roll onto your left side. Sometimes the transducer must be held very firmly against your chest. This can be uncomfortable — but it helps the technician produce the best images of your heart.

After a Procedure – Usually, you can resume your normal daily activities after an ultrasound.

If your ultrasound is normal, no further testing may be needed. If the results are concerning, additional testing maybe ordered.

Treatment depends on what’s found during the exam and your specific signs and symptoms. You may need a repeat ultrasound in several months or other diagnostic tests to determine the severity and need for treatment.

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